Hook & Spoon
16b Carrier Street,
Benalla Victoria 3672
Telephone: 03 5762 2044
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At the railway end of Carrier Street, Benalla, a 123 year old butcher shop has been transformed.

"Hook and Spoon" is supplied by "Flat Hill", our Boho farm in the foothills of the Strathbogies, we run free range cattle and sheep.

Our farming practices are very clean and green, and include light stocking rates so as to not stress the land and enable us to "finish" the stock on pasture, not grain.

The paddocks have good water, a great range of feed including browsing from native shrubs, natural shelter ..... and wonderful views!
We run various crosses of Devon and Angus, all hardy and low maintenance. Our sheep are merino which produce old fashioned flavoursome mutton "Hook & Spoon" offers quality control, from paddock to plate

At Hook & Spoon we hang the beef for a minimum of 21 days and the mutton for 12 days. This long hung meat is a little different from other meat. The hanging process tenderises and also intensifies the flavour. You’ll notice when you cook a long hung steak that it will cook more quickly and won’t shrink as much as a standard steak. The meat is more juicy and the flavour stronger.

In the kitchen at Hook and Spoon we use top quality ingredients, some organic. Local produce features, and we also use and sell some great Tasmanian herbs, because of their exceptional quality, and our strong personal connection to Tassie.

We use cast iron camp ovens, and make rich stock which is the basis of a lot of our meals.

Apart from the great cuts of meat and sausages made here, we offer you original pies & wholesome meals which reheat well.

Nothing fancy, just good country cooking.