Hook and Spoon
16b Carrier Street,
Benalla Victoria 3672
Telephone: 03 5762 2044
  • Roast Beef
  • Roast Lamb
  • Roast Beef
  • Moroccan Lamb
Cooking Classes
Sunday 13th September 10:20AM
Sausage Making
Sunday 20th September 10:00AM
Egg - our most versatile ingredient!
Sunday 27th September 10:00AM
Path to Paleo
Online Shopping
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Hook & Spoon - Farmers Markets
  • Collingwood Childrens Farm - Sat Sep 12th
  • Gas Works - Sat Sep 19th
  • Mansfield - Sat Sep 26th
A Little Bit About Our Meat

At Hook & Spoon we hang the beef for a minimum of 21 days and the mutton for 12 days. This long hung meat is a little different from other meat. The hanging process tenderises and also intensifies the flavour. You'll notice when you cook a long hung steak that it will cook more quickly and won't shrink as much as a standard steak. The meat is more juicy and the flavour stronger.